S View Point Terrace 1, 2, 3, & 4

31 Lots Sold!

Evan Zener contacted me in November 2020, inquiring about a site I had been developing and having difficulty selling for some time – SW View Point Terrace 1, 2, 3 & 4. The property consisted mainly of 3 subdivisions with 31 buildable lots – a total of 5.1 acres acres off S Corbett Ave, 5 minutes dive from downtown.

Both Evan’s digital marketing knowledge and positive attitude stood out to me. He seemed honest, high-energy (responsive), and had a lot of good ideas on how to sell my property. We soon began working together and my impressions were confirmed.

The amount of time and energy Evan dedicated toward the project, from day one to closing, was significant. His photos and material were professional and high quality. In 11 months Evan found multiple parties who brought offers, and even though a few fell through, his persistence paid off when a buyer closed on the property in late October 2021.

The property itself was very complex being on steep terrain with multiple permits being processed through the City of Portland and dealing with COVID. We were moving fast to find a buyer in the correct selling/building window needed, and working around the pandemic had its own unique set of difficulties. On a few occasions, I had constructive criticism for Evan. He was always willing to hear me out and address them which I appreciated. We all learned a lot on this one!

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