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Now that April’s numbers are in

The market is still active. I personally felt a lull from mid-March to some time through April until things picked back up. I’ve heard something similar from several Relators. Last week I siad we’d know more after May 1st when the RMLS releases April’s numbers, and I stated “I am very interested in how many units were sold in the month of April. I imagine the number of active listings takes the biggest hit. I have a feeling the number of units sold does not take as big of a dip.” It seems that predictions has come true.


April 2020 RMLS Market Report

3 Month Report

In March there were 1212 active listings on the market and 762 properties closed. In April we had 946 active listings and 675 properties closed. That is -266 units on the market and -87 properties sold from March to April 2020. It looks like more buyers have been in the market than sellers. It felt like that was happening.


April of 2019

Looking back at April of 2019 there were 1539 active listings and 876 properties sold. Coming out to 593 more properties listed and 201 more properties closed in April of 2019. Do the math and that comes out to %56.92 of the number of properties listed were sold in April of 2019. Fast forward to April 2020 %71.35 of the number of properties listed were sold. Could this year have been a hotter Real Estate season?


3 Year Report

Here is a three-year bar graph showing units sold, listed, and pending. I’m not going to get into specific numbers on this one, but it is a good visual. It looks like the market is weathering the storm better than what could have been imagined. There are other indicators to go gauge the current and future state of the market and we’ll go over more of those next week.

I hear the number of building permits being pulled has plummetted. That is sure to have a rippling effect into the future.


Coronavirus’ Impacts On Real Estate: Why You Need To Think Short-Term And Longer- by Forbes
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