Evan Zener’s Off Market Property Page

For a standard realtor fee of 3% per transaction/side, I would love to represent you in the purchase of any one of these properties. I have more off-market properties available as well and coming soon to this page. 

I am in good contact with most sellers, and  some I have a working relationship with. This page’s URL will be changed regularly and included in every new off-market email. Anyone who contacts the sellers, in an attempt to go around me will be excluded from the email and not shared the link to this webpage.

Location: SW Portland Arlington Heights Area

Total Land Area: 0.17 (with potential to buy adjecent parcel raising the total land area to 0.31 acres)

Zoning: R7

Slope: 32 percent

Located only a few minutes from the Portland Zoo. This lot extends through the block fronting two streets. It’s neighbor to the east is currently being fully remodeled by one of, if not Portlands highest end builders.


Location: SW Portland Riverdale Area

Total Land Area: 0.4 acres

Zoning: R20

Within a few hundred feet from the Willammette River. Potential Mount Hood and Saint Hellens views. Design contraints but buildable. Contact for more info.

I cannot garentee every piece of property information is accurate.