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Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico is part of the San Juan municipality and has a population of over 300,000 people. That is according to the 2000 U.S. Census report. Residents live in eighteen different barrios. The area is located in the Northern Coastal Plains of Puerto Rico. It’s south of San Juan, Miramar, and Condado.

Sugar cane and coffee were crops grown in Rio Piedras during the nineteenth century. Rio Piedras has its own flag. It is yellow with a blue stripe and white stones on it. The background is supposed to symbolize the future filled with sunshine and progress.

Temperatures in Rio Piedras are in the 90s and sometimes reach up to as high as 105 degrees.

Stopping by Rio Piedras

This part of Puerto Rico doesn’t draw many tourists but there are a few quick things to check out if you are driving through on your way to some other Puerto Rican destinations.

The Marketplace known as The Rio Piedras Plaza del Mercado has a variety of shops. It can be found when walking along Avenida Jose de Diego street. Cambridge Park is also a nice green space for relaxation on a warm afternoon.

The University of Puerto Rico is also located in Rio Piedras. It was founded in 1903 and is considered to be the greatest landmark in the area. The university has a beautiful botanical garden that is worth a look. Bookshops and theatres on Ponce de Leon are popular with visitors and college students.

There is a well regarded medical center in Rio Piedras and a hotel nearby for people visiting for medical reasons. Getting around Rio Piedras using the Tren Urbano Metro system is a popular mode of transportation. Make sure to carry exact change or purchase a card at one of the stations. That said, driving around or through the area might be easiest.

For these reasons, Rio Piedras is a terrific spot to look for a home to invest in.