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Puerto Rico has so many amazing resort spots that attract ex-pats from the USA and visitors from abroad. Two of these are Dorado and Isla Verde. The third must-see is Palmas Del Mar in Humacao, a gated community that reflects similar attributes. The distinctive differences are that the latter has better schooling (i.e. the Palmas Academy offers the best education on the island), features only villas (i.e. no condos) more suited to permanent-type residences (versus 2nd homes), and features picturesque beaches with rougher seas (i.e. fewer tourists). Other than this, it provides the best-of-the-best in secure resort living, a bustling marina, and catered-for relaxation.

Full-Service Realtor for Palmas Del Mar

Strong|Edge Realty Organization is your go-to real estate advisor when it comes to finding your resort-like neighborhood with built-in family amenities.

  • We entirely cover the 25 neighborhoods in this enclave that includes luxury homes, rentals, and affordable homes.
  • We guarantee we’ll meet your needs spot on as a full-service realtor, available to you 24, 7 to buy, rent or sell a residence in this gated community.

Price Range and Bargains

  • Thanks to our contributing listing agents the StrongEdge professional team will extract the Palmas Del Marproperty that matches your purchase needs, from $100,000 to $7 million.
  • If you are selling, we will provide you with a realistic proposal that’ll take into account comparable short sales and foreclosures in the area and its surrounds.
  • Renters extract value from our carefully structured lease programs ranging from monthly $1,000 to $10,000.

We are especially attuned to the wants of vacation home seekers from the USA that demand a lifestyle transformation for 5 months of the year, and real estate security and maintenance for the rest. Strong|Edge is the standout realtor in Palmas Del Mar with a mission to get the job done quickly with every bit of investment upside intact.

Keller Williams support and extended Realtor Services

When you partner with us to manage your real estate transaction, you are at the same time linking into strong connections with:

  • The best real estate lawyers
  • The fairest mortgage companies
  • And the most competent contractors on the islands.

Strong|Edge and Keller Williams

You automatically benefit from our Keller Williams sponsorship that reflects millions of dollars of sales in Palmas Del Mar. It’s an unbreakable backbone support in every client case we take on. This is what Keller Williams says about us:

“ Strong|Edge Realty Organization is a cohesive team intent on serving Puerto Rican visitors and residents with the heralded KW platinum-standards. We stand behind them in every respect”.

To all our clients, we say this: We will find you the right Palmas Del Mar property, in the right location, for the right price, never losing sight of the right reasons – no matter what it takes.

Case Study: Our clients in Phoenix in a high-end gated community made the decision to swap their extreme heat in the summer for Caribbean temperate climate, the desert for sea and water sports, and the high cost of living for lower cost helped by big tax advantages. They wanted, however, to replicate, luxurious living, good eating out, security, 5-star education, and proven health services. They singled out Palmas Del Mar as a prime candidate but on review became confused on what to do.

To cut a long story short, the Strong|Edge team painstakingly went through the substantial Puerto Rico tax advantages and how to qualify. We located a short-sale that we know would take 2 years to unravel, but once completed would be a sparkling diamond cut from one in the rough. In the meantime, we zoned in on an affordable rental while the purchase process kicked off, and connected them to lawyers that could manage all this from end-to-end, and mortgagors that could help fund it.

Want to know more about viable real estate buying, selling, and renting opportunities in Palmas Del Mar? Contact Strong|Edge Realty Organization Today. We are the Palmas Del Mar residential agents to set you on track to seize new opportunities as they arise in this enclave. To learn more, call us today at (971)285-0847 or email us at and let us start working for you. Strong|Edge is the one you can depend on and trust.