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Lares (or the “city of revolts”) is a mountain location city in the interior of Puerto Rico along similar lines to Caguas. The town attracts many visitors attracted to outdoor hiking, tranquil scenery, and nature trails. It also features a large variety of restaurants and is particularly famous for its ice cream. This enclave is a quick car trip to the San Juan district or beaches in other parts of the island. However, for the many that prefer Interior Island living and historic culture to traditional resort activities, the forests, and rocky peaks are a welcome scenic change.

Residents of the town intermingle easily with visitors in a safe and friendly environment. There’s a lot of water in the surrounding area, laced as it is with lakes and rivers, making boating, fishing and eating outdoors popular pastimes. Hurricane Maria certainly disrupted life in Lares but at the same time, there are some enticing real estate bargains in plain sight. It’s said that after just a few days stay in this unique hub, most are reluctant to leave its tangible peace and quiet.

Lares’s best full-service Realtor

Puerto Rico’s Strong|Edge Realty Organization has left its mark on all those seeking exclusive real estate investments in Lares.

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Price range and variable needs in Lares

Lares clients know we have the inside scoop on everything to do with this enclave’s real estate:

  • We display a wide price range of homes ($100,000 – $2 million) for those interested in selling or buying
  • View rental options from $1000 – $8,000 per month.
  • Navigate our menu by taste and area while we listen to you before we recommend. We guarantee that our agents will connect realistic property value to your stated needs.
  • Our negotiating skills make the transaction process smooth and stress-free. That’s because we always make it our mission to obtain upside on your targeted real estate (whether it’s a short-sale or finished pristine property).
  • It’s important that the time spent with us turns out to be absolutely worth your while.

Invaluable Strong|Edge connections in Lares

Strong|Edge ties up all the loose ends in every transaction. We make the difference, which means big savings in getting a deal done. Our long-standing connections help us toward a satisfactory process: from proposing the initial offer to finally closing the negotiations.

  • We know the residential real estate attorneys and insurance agents that make things happen quickly but efficiently.
  • If you need renovation or build-out, our building contractors are the best there is.
  • The fairest mortgage banks (in Puerto Rico and in the US) are available to you if funding is a requirement.

Keller Williams and StrongEdge in Lares 

Keller Williams, our sponsoring broker, stands behind us through thick and thin with all our clients. Its record of million-dollar closed property transactions in Puerto Rico is a comfort to our many Lares clients.

This is Keller Williams’s view of our team of realtors:

“ Strong|Edge Realty Organization is a cohesive team intent on serving Puerto Rican visitors and residents with the heralded Remax platinum-standards. We stand behind them in every respect”.

Strong|Edge is a premium realtor in Lares

Buyers, renters, and sellers alike see StrongEdge as their go-to resource for real estate in Lares. The reasons are simple but groundbreaking:

  • We’re here for you 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Your business – big or small – is important to us. We provide VIP treatment to every prospective client.
  • We only earn fees if and when you transact. All of our auxiliary services as stated above are provided free of charge.
  • If you are a seller, we have buyers/renters on our books ready and willing to transact today. They are motivated by genuine proposals. Let us get involved in making this happen for you.

The Strong|Edge motto: We will find you the right Lares property, in the right location, for the right price, never losing sight of the right reasons – no matter what it takes

Case Study: Our client from Columbia simply loved Lares. It reminded her of her Bogata. All that remained was to find her a property for $300,000 that was secluded, scenic, and safe. We couldn’t get it right but never gave up. At last, we concluded a deal that secured a distressed condo that called for extensive renovation. When finished it would be exactly to her requirements and cost total $260,000 with contractor costs thrown in. In the meantime, the same seller rented her another property at only $1000 per month until the residence was finished in a deliverable state as an incentive. It’s fair to say that the rental amounted to a considerable discount on comparable leases in the area.

Puerto Rican tax benefits as they apply to Lares’ investors

Read Strong|Edge’s article on Puerto Rico’s Acts 22 and 20. It has a lot of information that pertains to families relocating to Puerto Rico for more than 6 months of the year. You may well benefit from this.

Want to know more about viable real estate buying, selling, and renting opportunities in Lares? Contact Strong|Edge Realty Organization Today. We are the Lares residential agents to set you on track to seize new opportunities as they arise in this city. To learn more, call us today at (971)285-0847 or email us at and let us start working for you. Strong|Edge is the one you can depend on and trust.