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Humacao is an imposing urban hub of Puerto Rico that features many amazing resorts and beaches. The best known of these is Palmas Del Mar – a gated community that contains every luxury one can imagine. When residents on the island or USA visitors alike enter the borders of Humacao, it’s normally with the view of just relaxing. Inevitably, more often than not, it culminates in finding a home here to make it a more permanent part of their lives.

This hub has a huge coastal presence that lends itself to the establishment of magnetic golf courses, marinas, shopping malls, and Michelin-Star restaurants. It offers a high-end lifestyle, merged with the very best of island characteristics that culminate in a fun-filled existence. Like any busy city, Humacao is an expansive area with excellent schools, hospitals, luxury residences, homes built for vacations, and rental opportunities that meet every need. It offers interested parties nothing but the very best in safe and secure resort-style residences, where work, play, and relaxation are in perfect harmony.

Full-Service Realtor for Humacao

Strong|Edge Realty Organization specializes in oceanfront and ocean-view properties along with all the expected facilities, at reasonable prices:

  • As can be expected in a region of this size, there’s something for every budget. So, rely on the fact that affordable homes and surprisingly low-priced rentals are there for the viewing and if appealing, readily negotiable.
  • As a full-service realtor, Strong|Edge is able to zone in on the accommodation that meets your every need. Contact us anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are the one-stop realtors that’ll transact any deal to your satisfaction if you are buying, renting or selling a residence or property investment anywhere in Humacao. Our contributing realtors cooperate to give you a compelling mix of variety and value.

Price Range and Bargains

  • Buyers and sellers alike can filter down to view their detailed residence requirements in a price range from $100,000 to $7 million (go to our menu above).
  • For a search to be meaningful, we recommend that you navigate our compelling array of short sales and foreclosure properties. The bargains are there to be had, but it’s a very bumpy ride unless a professional real estate agent is leading the way.
  • On the other side of the coin, there’s a huge influx of renters looking for their respective places under the Humacao sun, near or right on its white-sand beaches. Our carefully selected available monthly home leases start at  $1,000 and go to as high as $16,000.

In this part of the islands, vacation home seekers make up the bulk of real estate investor-traffic. It seems that there are tons of tourists coming in from the USA and abroad looking for a change of pace and a higher quality lifestyle. We are the real estate agents with the deepest available resources to steer you in the right direction for every key aspect of any real estate transaction on the island. The StrongEdge team knows the importance of speed and efficiency in getting the job done.

Keller Williams support and extended Realtor Services in Humacao 

Strong|Edge will partner with you and hold your hand through every twist and turn of your real estate transaction. This is possible only because we are connected to:

  • Experienced real estate lawyers
  • Competitive and fair mortgage companies
  • The best priced contractors on the islands.

Strong|Edge and Keller Williams

You benefit from our Keller Williams connection throughout your real estate experience in Puerto Rico. This comes with the latter’s millions of dollars of sales and closed deals in Humacao alone. It’s a steadfast support system that we rely on for every client coming through our doors. This is the way Keller Williams sees us:

“ Strong|Edge Realty Organization is a cohesive team intent on serving Puerto Rican visitors and residents with the heralded KW platinum-standards. We stand behind them in every respect”.

And this is how we see our responsibility to every client: We will find you the right Humacao property, in the right location, for the right price, never losing sight of the right reasons – no matter what it takes.

Case Study: Our clients in the cold north of the USA finally had enough. The couple impulsively got on a plane to earnestly find a 2nd home on the beach in a warm climate. We met them after they had some “iffy” experiences with inexperienced realtors. After a week of on-and-off but intense discussions, we found them a luxury 2-year rental at $3000 per month with golf, swimming, and yachting in plain sight from their condo windows. At the same time, we are in the closing stages of negotiating a distressed home deal that eventually will become their permanent residence. There is a lot of patience required here, but there’s also a lot of investment upside at the end of the road in say 3 years by our estimate.

We also give valuable pointers on all the special Puerto Rico tax benefits

Strong|Edge is with it on all key aspects of Puerto Rico’s Acts 22 and 20. These laws are made for relocating residents that are committed to stay on the island for more than 6 months. The opportunity to pay vastly lower taxes on export businesses and real estate gains is available. Read about it and then talk to us if you have questions.

Want to know more about viable real estate buying, selling, and renting opportunities in Humacao? Contact Strong|Edge Realty Organization Today. We are the Humacao residential agents to set you on track to seize new opportunities as they arise in this enclave. To learn more, call us today at (971)285-0847 or email us at and let us start working for you. StrongEdge is the one you can depend on and trust