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Opportunity sometimes only knocks once. If you have an eye for Puerto Rico real estate opportunity then this content contains the most take-home value you will be presented with for years to come.

Puerto Rico after the hurricane

The temperate ocean climate and natural beauty of this island have a way of concealing certain stark facts: namely that this integrally important US island entity is still recovering from a once-in-a-hundred-years hurricane event. It left many families and their homes in severe distress. While this is tragic from every viewpoint, the real estate landscape is now full of investment opportunities from single-family homes to condos. Surprisingly, these are in the very best vacation locations you can imagine, and also include luxury residences (some in need of renovation).

  • Strong|Edge Realty Organization is immersed in the stated opportunity arena currently attracting a lot of property buyers from the USA and abroad.
  • The foreclosures and short sales offered mostly by our contributing listing agents are the pick of the bunch.
  • They’re spread throughout the islands in:
  • Scenic or mountain areas (Caguas, Isabela, or Lares)
  • On or close to white Puerto Rican beaches (Condado, Dorado, or Isla Verda just as examples)
  • In big cities like San Juan or Ponce
  • Near boating (Fajardo), resort living (Humacao), shopping and festivals (Guaynabo)
  • And let us not forget the beach and sea of the perfect surfing-waves (Rincón).

A Premium is essential when viewing distressed properties

When it comes to distressed properties a realtor that has a feel for the situation is a must. Going for really cheap, in the end, can turn out to be ridiculously expensive. Don’t be trapped by “the hidden” and “small print snags” that often destroy dreams and visions when emotions get in the way. Putting hard dollars behind bank foreclosures and short sales may look like “no-brainers.” However, in truth, you need an astute brain to help you navigate what can be very rough terrain.

  • Strong|Edge’s team of professional agents is closely connected to reliable, vetted lawyers and insurance agents that won’t allow you to make the wrong moves.
  • This goes for long-term rentals or purchasing properties in the foreclosure/short sale category.

Contract with us today for access to the best one-stop-shop realtor on these islands. You will immediately have an “Open Sesame” to solid opportunities that have unique features once affordable renovations are completed. We can also direct you to reliable, cost-effective contractors that can make any damaged residence look like it was just built.

Strong|Edge is endorsed by Keller Williams

Keller Williams, our sponsoring broker has this to say about us:

“ Strong|Edge Realty Organization is a cohesive team intent on serving Puerto Rican visitors and residents with the heralded KW platinum-standards. We stand behind them in every respect “.

They should know, having conducted business in Puerto Rico for many years and recorded sales in the multi-millions of dollars.

The Strong|Edge difference is available to you 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, and what a difference it indeed is: We stand by our mission to find you the right Puerto Rican property, in the right location, for the right price, never losing sight of the right reasons – no matter what it takes.

Case Study: We picked up a client completely confused after wading through the lists and lists of foreclosed & short sale properties, and listening to the glib claims of myriad real estate agents trying to sell them off. We shortened the search down immediately by containing it to meet specific lifestyle needs: close to or on the water; 5-star security but low HOA fees; biggest investment upside in the next ten years; worst condo unit in the best building, and no rush or fear of contracting for renovation. Believe it or not, there were locations on the next corner that were literally condemned for the foreseeable future, yet looked viable on the surface. We exposed all the legal gremlins and steered the client away fast. The true value of the StrongEdge partnership in this project came to the fore when our client was offered a 30% appreciation on his investment before the renovation was completed. We also directed the client to Mortgage Banks offering viable loan arrangements for distressed properties on mainland USA and in Puerto Rico itself

We provide advice on all the special Puerto Rico tax benefits

Finally, Strong|Edge offers guidance on the applicability of Puerto Rico’s Acts 22 and 20 to any distressed real estate investor, in conjunction with selected lawyers we work with.

Want to know more about viable foreclosures and short sales in Puerto Rico? Contact Strong|Edge Realty Organization Today. We are the residential agents to set you on track to seize new opportunities in Puerto Rico. To learn more, call us today at (971)285-0847 or email us at and let us start working for you. Strong|Edge is the one you can depend on and trust.