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1. What is Puerto Rico to US citizens?

Answer: An island in the Caribbean; an unincorporated territory of the United States, officially a commonwealth.

2. What are the key attractions for buying or renting on the Island?

Answer: Temperate climate, beach locations, water sports, boating, marinas, good shopping, nightlife, mountain and nature adventures, huge taxation benefits

3. What are the most exciting urban hubs in Puerto Rico?


  • San Juan (the largest city on the island, population 400,000)
  • Ponce (2nd largest Puerto Rican city)
  • Guaynabo (metropolitan hub showcasing festivals, famous for shopping)
  • Fajardo (Puerto Rico’s boating capital)

4. Where are the best places for resort style living?


  • Condado (luxury waterfront community in Santurce, San Juan)
  • Dorado (golf courses, hotels, and beaches)
  • Isla Verda (luxury waterfront community in Santurce, San Juan)
  • Humacao (location of Palmas Del Mar – the largest luxury resort on the island)

5. What is the best surfing beach in Puerto Rico?

Answer: Rincón 

6. Which are the best towns for scenic beauty?

Answer: Isabela and Lares (both offer natural beauty and breathtaking landscape).

7. Where are the best real estate opportunities in Puerto Rico?

Answer: Look at foreclosures and short sales on our menu at the top. These are properties offered at deep discounts following the latest hurricane event. Be warned, however, that the process is long and patience is required.

6. What if I don’t want to wait?

Answer: There are a lot of excellent homes for purchase where good prices can be negotiated down. It depends on what you are looking for. We suggest filtering down through your needs and connecting to these on our Site.

7. Can you give me a good example?

Answer: Sure. Luxury homes in Puerto Rico, ranging from $250,000 to $7 million. An extensive list is provided here thanks to our stellar contributing brokers.

8. I’m looking for a more basic home. Can you expand on that?

Answer: Of course! Look at Vacation homes. This list is designed for those pursuing a home-away-from-home. If you are looking for good but affordable, then we suggest you peruse Best Value Homes. Things can get even more specific: many of our clients are only interested in Rental Homes or Condo living. Review all these unique categories to pinpoint your ideal residence. If you want geographic focus then search through by area. There’s a lot of real estate overlap between all of these, and some repeats allow you to see many properties in more than 1 dimension.

9. Sounds good. Is this the main reason you’re better than competitors?

Answer: No. There’s a lot more to us than meets the eye. We are Strong Edge Realty Organization – a professional, exclusive, unbiased realtor versed in every aspect of buying, selling, and renting Puerto Rican properties. We are professionally equipped to make your home search anywhere in Puerto Rico stress-free and rewarding. It’s our mission find you the right Puerto Rican property, in the right location, for the right price, never losing sight of the right reasons – no matter what it takes.

10. Still sounding good. How do I practically get started on your Site?

Answer: If you are a homebuyer, home seller, or a home renter in Puerto Rico you are literally only one button-click away from every conceivable piece of astute real estate support imaginable. Try it and see for yourself. Contributing listing agents help build our superior realtor service that connects to every city on the islands, and across all price ranges.

11. And after I have a short list. Is there anything more you can do?

Answer: Lots more. We are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to guide you through what is sometimes an exciting but complicated real estate maze. Know this: all the properties we offer are vetted for safe and secure locations. They’ve also been reviewed for compelling benefits that stand out for clients with different needs. We can make that final connection a reality.

12. Do you have anything to back up your claims?

Answer: Oh yes. Remax is our sponsoring broker. They have multi-million $ sales in Puerto Rico recorded, and thousands of deals closed. This is what Remax says about Strone|Edge: “ Strong|Edge Realty Organization is a cohesive team intent on serving Puerto Rican visitors and residents with the heralded Remax platinum-standards. We stand behind them in every respect”.

13. When you say you provide “full-service”, what does that include?

Answer: We will patch you into the advice of appropriate real estate lawyers and insurance agents capable of serving your interests in the best possible way. These are essential addendums to every property deal going down in Puerto Rico. Our connections in these areas are exceptional and form part-and-parcel of our comprehensive service to make sure your deal closes with certainty and peace of mind. In addition, we can introduce you to mortgage banking entities here in Puerto Rico (and in the USA) able and willing to fund your real estate purchase; or if you are a seller, your buyer’s purchase.

14. Are there any real estate tax advantages in Puerto Rico?

Answer: Puerto Rico’s Acts 22 and 20 are designed to help you on many levels:

  • No capital gains tax on any real estate sale after you make a move to the islands
  • Only 4% corporate tax rate on any Puerto Rico sourced business income earned from a qualifying entity

These laws have the single-minded purpose of incentivizing people to settle on the islands permanently or/and consider investments in properties. You can do this without renouncing US citizenship. More on this in a Tax dedicated article provided in our menu above. 

15. I see a lot of benefits for buyers. What’s in it for sellers?

Answer: Very often our clients are both. Unless we can sell an existing home in a way that makes sense it’s impossible to transition into buying a new residence. This alone should give you a measure of our capability. If you are just a seller Strong|Edge will assess your value professionally and realistically. Inevitably, we will feature your home on our pertinent pages (Luxury Homes, Vacation Homes, Condos, Rentals, etc.,) – whatever applies – to give it multi-dimensional exposure. When you work with us we follow a policy of complete transparency, keeping you in the picture every step of the way in the sales process.

15. What’s in it for me if I want to rent out my property?

Answer: If you are thinking of renting you should be included on our For Rent page at a compelling price. We have a full overview of the rental market in Puerto Rico, which gives us a strong instinct for the rental pricing that works quickly for you. Don’t get saddled with unoccupied real estate that costs money every month it stands vacant. Speed and fair return are all that counts when it comes to renting out your home – and of course a great tenant. We vet the tenants for you in a scrupulous manner, and we will manage the collection of rentals if required. We know everything there is to know about rentals, and it motivates the process in every way. If you are selling or renting, we will give exposure to the home on multiple pages to capture buyer/renter interest wherever it lies.

Want to know more? Contact Strong|Edge Realty Organization Today. We are the residential agents to set you on track to seize new opportunities in Puerto Rico. To learn more, call us today at (971)285-0847 or email us at and let us start working for you. Strong|Edge is the one you can depend on and trust