SW Burlingame Ave Portland- Apartments + RM2 Land

The subject properties address is: 6202 SW Burlingame Ave, Portland OR 97239. It’s an 8-unit apartment building, well-positioned 0.56 acres Zoned RM2 allowing the potential to develop more units. Located in the heart of the SW Hillsdale neighborhood only one block from the town center. There are 7 x 1-bedroom units at 710 square feet each and 1 unit with 2-bedrooms at 900 square feet.

The properties 2021 Net Income was $67,884 With current rents quite low.

The whole property has very been well cared for and is in great shape. Each unit has its own balcony, individual storage, a built-in dishwasher, onsite laundry, and ample parking. Finding tenants has been no issue and the property has stayed fully occupied over the years. There is significant room to raise current rents, especially if basic upgrades are made. The adjacent driveway to the SE is included in the sale (R124065). Conceptual development plans have been completed for the site and are available to view.

RM2 base zone, d, design overlay and within the Hillsdale Plan District

Since the Early Assistance meeting in 2015 and the conceptual site study in 2004, the zoning on the site has changed from R1 to RM2.

Land Uses

The RM2 zone is a multi dwelling zone, allowing for lower scale multifamily dwellings, designed to transition into single dwelling areas. There may be opportunities for Retail Sales and Service or Office uses on the ground floor in small amounts (1,000 square feet or less) per 33.120.100.B.1.a.(1) and this use would need to obtain access from SW Capitol Highway. Housing types allowed include: Attached houses, duplex, Triplex, Fourplex and Multi-dwelling Structure and Multi-Dwelling Development. 

Development Standards

Development intensity on the site is measured by Floor Area/Floor Area Ratio (FAR), rather than density. As per Table 120-3, the maximum FAR in the RM2 is an FAR of 1.5:1. This site is approximately 22,700 square feet. Therefore, the site’s maximum FAR is 34,050 square feet of development without floor area bonuses. Additional requirements for stormwater, landscaping, parking etc. may preclude development of the entire 22,700 square feet. Floor area does not include structured parking. Up to 3:1 bonus floor area may be available if the project provides affordable/inclusionary housing, three-bedroom units or visitable units. See Table 120-5.

There is no maximum number of units that can be placed on the site, but a minimum density of one unit per 1,450 square feet of site area.

The site has a building coverage maximum of 60 to 70% and, this may be precluded by other site standards such as stormwater, landscaping, parking etc. The landscaping requirement for the site is 20% of the site size.

Setbacks include 10 feet at the front lot line, 5 feet for the side and rear and a maximum setback of 20 feet as a result of the site’s location in the Hillsdale Pedestrian District.

This is not an exhaustive list of all the development constraints and standards. There are other minor development standards for site design and as a result of the site in the Hillsdale Plan District, but the standards noted above are the primary factors in determining a project’s size. 

Land Division

The dimensions of lots in the multi-dwelling zones is covered by Chapter 33.612. The allowed dimensions are dependent on the type of development proposed. See Table 612-1.

If there is interest in using the blue shadow platted lines to divide the site, additional research would be needed to determine what would be possible.

Land divisions are evaluated on both the suitability of the lot itself as well as surrounding services. The site is also steeply sloped, which, for a land division, would likely require additional studies to determine the suitability of the soil for development.

Site Edited Images – Development Concepts 

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