One Home on Large Double Lot in Downtown Manzanita OR. One lot in SW Portland.


For several years my family had been trying to sell three properties we own but to no avail. One home on a large double lot in Downtown Manzanita and one property in SW Portland. During that time, we worked with different realtors but never received an offer we felt was acceptable, so our efforts continued.

I met Evan in early 2019. I had him come to my office to discuss our home in Manzanita. For the next year, Evan worked hard to market the property. I believe we would have concluded a successful sale sooner if we had lowered the price. We held strong and his energy never wavered. Through much effort, Evan sold the Manzanita property at the price we had set out to. During this time we listed another property in SW Portland with Evan that he sold successfully.

Thank you again for all of your efforts on our families behalf.

Jim Frank